How is this magic performed?

Long term time-lapse has been part of our business for over a decade. We have had the opportunity to test many different forms of cameras, plus short term and long term solutions. It’s never an easy process, however we work hard to make it simple and extremely effective for our clients.

(just ask them!)

So how is time-lapse video produced?  

Well, it’s simple(ish) … We place a camera in exactly the same spot for the select length of a project and take a photo at regular intervals, say every 15 minutes. We create the video (which is made of 25 images per second) by compiling all the clear photos (remove rain etc), then stabilize the footage, add in focus points for movement and time to soundtrack. 

Presto – there’s a 75 floor building in 2 minutes!

The hard part – is the capture. We have expertly designed cameras (think professional DSLRs) which are housed in weatherproof hubs, solar powered and capable of waking up when required, taking a perfect photo, emailing a high-res file back to Logic HQ and then falling back to sleep again. Imagine a very grumpy little man in a box getting woken every 10 minutes to take a photo, that’s exactly how it’s done.  

We have time-lapsed pretty much everything, from standing in the heat waiting for mountains to move, 75 foot buildings to grapes growing over a vintage – we love the challenge and our clients love the end result. 

So, if you have ever wondered how? Now you know. 

Take a look at a project we captured, which shows an internal staircase being cut into an existing building – just like magic!

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